Matching shoppers

with the RIGHT shops



Think about a situation where you are looking for a specific product.


You have to waste your time going to every relevant store in your area or browsing the internet for hours to find the best deal.

Instead of this endless search, WeBuy allows you to be able to find the product or services that you are looking for by getting connected to the RIGHT shop, straight to your phone.


You just need to make a wish by filling in a short form with your preferences, share it with the WeBuy platform, and connect to the shop you are most likely to buy from! 

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If you’re small or medium size businesses, online or offline, your main goal is to make sales. To make a sale you need to reach buyers who are truly interested in what you have to offer and that may turn into paying customers.


The way the advertisement industry stands today, businesses are wasting their money on advertising to people who aren’t interested in their ads, with little to no conversions.

WeBuy has changed this old school design and enables businesses to be able to get the best match shoppers directly and on-demand. 


WeBuy makes it possible to make the wishes come true of people that you KNOW are interested in what you are selling.